Outside The Strategy

We at the Pod are happy to announce that the heavily anticipated, long awaited release of the newly rebranded Peapod mark has finally arrived.  After 18 months of exhaustive research and hard work we could not be any happier with the final result.


In order to provide a little more insight into the rebranding strategy we have also decided to release our internal strategy guide: “Outside The Strategy: Strategical Rebranding”.  This document highlights all the theoretical and conventional questions we addressed, and ultimately applied to the new brand. While some might argue that the heavy financial, emotional and physical investment may go beyond what is considered “reasonable” for a simple rebranding, we instead are very satisfied with the $300,000.00 upgrade.  The Peapod team truly feels that this was a much deserved investment and will in a very short time frame provide an incredibly substantial return on investment.

The process of our rebranding, which we have dubbed a “brandsition” or “b.s.” began almost 2 years ago when we secretly enlisted an expert team of psychologists, statisticians and scientists to conduct a monumental series of in-depth studies looking into all of the physiological and psychological elements that made up our previous brand image. Using 1200 pages of amalgamated peer-reviewed reports consisting of intricate algorithmic data the group was able to form a complete meta-analysis laying out the structural foundation to begin our b.s.



Using the information formulated from the meta-analysis we then began to conduct our own comprehensive research with the intent of combining their results with ours to form a mega-analysis. This involved extensively unearthing tangential historical layers of civilization and the interaction between cultural perimeter oscillations and concentric iconography over the course of human history. We carefully examined paradigm shifts and the visual correlations associated with these events and how they relate to brand strategy. In addition to history we also became completely fluent in advanced theoretical mathematics, astronomy and particle physics.

We eagerly invested 42 straight days (working 10 hours a day) collecting, drawing and calculating various circles and other elliptical objects. With over seventeen thousand circular revolutions and peripheries we narrowed the scale to only the top four thousand breathtaking curves. We explored a large visual narrative of circle size, symmetry, asymmetry, thickness, weight, circumference and diameter. After an additional two weeks of intense deliberation we were finally ready to implement a series of thorough and compelling changes to the circular areas of the previous Peapod logo.


Following that drastic alteration we enthusiastically moved on to a full spectral analysis of colour. From the wealth of knowledge we procured from the psychological studies, we were successfully able to break the spectrum down into a series of hue-emotional relationships. Using additional focus groups to narrow the selection even further we concluded this phase with a spectacular new colour.


With the adjustments of the iconic Peapod logo now complete we switched gears and focused on typography.  A critical examination of the terminals and serifs lead us to some momentous changes that fundamentally changed the entire appearance of the type.  While we did not anticipate such a dramatic change, updated typography alone would have made the entire rebranding exercise worthwhile.




Here at the Pod we are quite pleased with the end result of what was a very intense and consuming process. Would we ever do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat.  In fact, we have already begun the preliminary research into the next multifaceted and diagonally-layered internal project which is scheduled to be complete in July of 2018.

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