Archer. It Must be Love, Love, Love.


When you are on a roll…

There’s no denying the power of a strong, clean typeface. No one knows this better than Hoefler & Frere-Jones. With some of the strongest new ( and our personal favorites ) typefaces behind them like ( Gotham and Verlag ) Hoefler has hit another typeface out of the font lovers ball park, with the new gorgeous Archer.

Archer in brief:

All type is affected by its color and the medium in which it’s reproduced, but hairline type is especially susceptible to its environment. Of greatest consequence is a font’s size: a typeface that’s elegant in one size can become ungainly when enlarged, and can vanish completely if it’s reduced too far.

Since typography is rarely content to live at just one size, we’ve provided Archer’s lightest shades in three different weights: an Extra Light that works in small sizes, a Thin that’s useful for headlines, and a Hairline that’s ideal for anything larger. All three weights come in both roman and italic, and Pro editions of Archer additionally include small caps, tabular figures, fractions, and indices.



So once again, we’re back to saving our pennies, to grab a font that feels classical, honest, and clean. Archer is available at the Hoefler website for a price of $399 for the pro version, being used on one computer.