We are Moving!!

Yes, you heard that right, we’re picking up shop and relocating. For the past few years, our office on James South in Hamilton has served us well. It has a great layout, amazing architectural features, and a kick ass patio. However, we’ve always had a special place in our heart for big industrial loft spaces. So when we saw one in a perfect location that meets all of our needs to a “T”, we couldn’t let it pass by.

Although we haven’t moved in quite yet, the ink on the contract is dry and we can’t wait to settle down and make the space our own. Starting October 1st, we will be busily moving around electrics, tearing down and building walls, opening up old windows, painting and decorating what we hope will be our forever home.

Where are we headed? The Pod is moving just a little to the north, deeper into the historic centre of Beautiful Hamilton, to an amazing 6000 sq foot warehouse that was once the home of Hamilton Dairy & Creamery Company. A couple blocks from James St. N. Being closer to creative and cultural heart of Hamilton, will be just the right environment for our ever-evolving studio.

We’ll be documenting the reno and our impending move, so keep an eye on our blog and our twitter account, we’ll get pictures and video up as soon as we can.

We’re really excited about the new office and can’t wait to see what the next few years bring in our new home!

**Update – 02/20/13**

We are in! Phase 1 is now complete. The second floor workspace is ready for action and we are beginning on the main floor overhaul. You can check out photos on our Flickr set

Special thanks to Paul Wilson at CBC Hamilton who just released this great article about our Founders

**Update – 03/09/13**

Thanks to Meredith MacLeod at the Spec for this great article.

**Update – 03/11/13**

Thanks to Hamilton Economic Development and BizClip for this wonderful video spot!.