How We Craft An Illustration

As we developed the new Peapod Studios web site, we wanted to showcase our unique style by including a variety of illustrations through out the new site. The intent was to create a distinctive technique that could be carried across the site creating a truly cohesive appearance. Being a studio that is heavily influenced by digital media we wanted to develop this look by implementing an entirely digital approach.

An illustration can mean different things for different people. As designers we have to be able to create projects using a wide variety of styles and looks as each project will have it’s own personality. That being said, there is also a place where we as designers and illustrators need to apply our range of skills which is built on individual techniques and experience.

The illustrations for the new site were initially created in a vector format using Adobe Illustrator. In the vector format the illustrations were drawn in a style giving the total approach a very clean and geometric look. Applying colours and gradients enhanced the images and gave us the base illustrations to develop and craft into a distinctive look.

Once the vector images were complete they were imported into Adobe Photoshop.  In Photoshop finer details and enhancements to light and shadow were utilized and implemented. In addition, we created custom textures that could be overlaid onto the illustrations adding depth and further enhance the appearance.  By applying the same steps and techniques to each drawing we were able to get the unifying look that we were aiming for.

By using our own custom illustrations in various design projects we have more control over how effective the visual graphics interact with the rest of design and how they communicate with the user. The graphic elements are crafted parallel to project and then blended together to form one complete design.