A Site to Behold

Rushing through design is never acceptable to us – whether working on our own materials or addressing a client’s needs. As the site evolved into its current form we saw seasons change outside the studio windows – spring, bringing blossoms, greenery, and a general lift to the world, struck us as a particularly poignant time to release our newest work.

The launch of the newly redesigned Peapod Studios website has filled all of us at the Pod with pride – and excitement about sharing our hard work with the world. Our site has been completely overhauled with a very different look and feel that we feel captures the unique personality of the team. It’s a tremendous representation of the skills and experience we now offer.


As with all our projects, we spent a significant amount of time considering how appearance and usability would mesh in presenting Peapod Studios. In particular we explored the impact of display devices and screen size would have – and how best to respond to the changing habits of visitors to the site. By utilizing principles of responsive design we’ve managed to create an experience that users can enjoy on their own terms, with a device of their own choosing.

responsiveThough our end point would be a device-adaptive interface, we began our project with completely analogue tools: pencils and paper. Many rounds of  layout and interface sketches took us through an in-depth exploration of our research and brand strategy and led to a number of promising ideas.


From the sketches we transitioned to the screen creating several sets of wireframes and mock-ups. From the refined static mock-ups we breathed life into the site with the development phase. This is where all of the planning and consideration for functionality was put into action and the ability to interact with the site became possible.  A desire to streamline the user experience led us to scale back and eliminate the unnecessary elements from the design, and guided us toward a cohesive style and theme, in turn carried through to Escape Pod – our new blog.

The Escape Pod is our own little planet, a venue created to allow the team to share ideas and insights on any number of subjects. The new blog is also a place where the studio can make announcements and keep the world up to date with any Peapod Studios news.

We trust you will enjoy exploring the new Peapod Studios website and learning more about the process we followed in our overhaul.